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A Waka Anthology
Volume One: The Gem-Glistening Cup

  with a Commentary and Notes, by Edwin A. Cranston


1016 pp.
ISBN: 9780804731577
Paper $49.95

Author Info
"Building a cathedral takes time and determination. And a cathedral A Waka Anthology is. ...A Waka Anthology's two volumes do give us a sense of what is possible if one is Edwin Cranston."—Ivo Smits, Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies

"Monumental in size and extraordinary in quality. . . . As a translator, Cranston is unexcelled, both in the uncompromising accuracy of his readings and in his sense of the weight and music of English words."—Choice.

"A review of The Gem-glistening Cup is almost superfluous. It is literally without peer. . . . It is a monument that will dominate the field of Japanese literary studies in English for the foreseeable future and beyond. . . . Cranston's translations are as good as one could expect from his excellent versions of the Izumi Shikibu Diary. . . . This will be the foundation of many courses in years to come."—Japan Forum

"Cranston is one of the finest translators of classical Japanese. . . . A Gem-glistening Cup makes an invaluable contribution for students of Japanese literature."—South Atlantic Review

Edwin A. Cranston is Professor of Japanese Literature at Harvard University.

Subject link:     Literary Studies — Asian

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