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The Illusion of the End

Jean Baudrillard
Translated by Chris Turner


132 pp.
ISBN: 9780804725019
Paper $21.95

"Vintage Baudrillard—compelling, diabolically clever, outrageous, wounded, ironic, refreshing, and certainly controversial. It is a most original meditation on the theme of history, on its shape or trajectory, and the human fate bound up with it."—Mark Poster, University of California, Irvine

"There are three reasons for celebrating this translation. First, for the first time we are up to date with Baudrillard's ideas. Second, with the exception of Chapter 1, the material is new. . . . Third, the publishers have not added or omitted anything to the text in its translation. . . . Baudrillard weaves his argument as brilliantly as one has come to expect."—Environment and Planning

"Baudrillard theorizes poetically about cultural and political phenomena of the last ten years—the collapse of communism, the Gulf War, the globalization of culture, scientific experimentation with nature and human life. . . . He announces with panache and black humor . . . there is neither progress nor resolution, but an indefinite recurrence of old forms, recycled and illusory. Clever and erudite, good reading."—Choice

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