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Science in the Modern World Polity
Institutionalization and Globalization

Gili S. Drori, John W. Meyer, Francisco O. Ramirez, and Evan Schofer


400 pp.
10 illustrations.
ISBN: 9780804744911
Cloth $79.95
ISBN: 9780804744928
Paper $31.95

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This book presents empirical studies of the rise, expansion, and influence of scientific discourse and organization throughout the world, over the past century. Using quantitative cross-national data, it shows the impact of this scientized world polity on national societies. It examines how this world scientific system and national reflections of it have influenced a wide variety of institutional spheres—the economy, political systems, human rights, environmentalism, and organizational reforms.

The authors argue that the triumph of science across social domains and around the world is due to its institutionalized cultural authority rather than to its instrumental utility for societies or for their dominant elites. Thus, following the Stanford approach to institutional theory in sociology, the book emphasizes the symbolic or religious role science plays in the modern world.

Gili S. Drori is Lecturer in the International Relations Program, Stanford University. John W. Meyer is Professor of Sociology Emeritus at Stanford University. Francisco O. Ramirez is Professor of Education at Stanford University. Evan Schofer is Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Minnesota.

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