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In Litigation
Do the “Haves” Still Come Out Ahead?

Edited by Herbert M. Kritzer and Susan S. Silbey


448 pp.
29 tables, 9 figures.
ISBN: 9780804747332
Cloth $79.95
ISBN: 9780804747349
Paper $34.95

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Marc Galanter's seminal work, "Why the 'Haves' Come Out Ahead," is among the most well-cited law review articles of all time. With his distinction between experienced "repeat players" and inexperienced "one shotters" in the U.S. judicial system, Galanter established a clear and predictable model of how the structure of our legal system and one's frequency of interaction with it influence the outcomes of cases.

This book collects the original paper and ten contemporary articles about Galanter's theory in a single volume. The articles, which present new research results and synthesize work done over the past few decades, examine the lasting influence and continued importance of this groundbreaking work. In Litigation provides a thorough presentation of the most durable theory explaining litigation and legal participation that sociolegal scholarship has produced.

Herbert M. Kritzer is Professor of Political Science and Law at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Susan S. Silbey is Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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