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A New Era in U.S. Health Care
Critical Next Steps Under the Affordable Care Act

Stephen Davidson


128 pp.
ISBN: 9780804787000
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"This is a succinct account of a mind-bogglingly complicated piece of legislation. Well-grounded in the literature, it is well suited for policy classes or educated readers who are seeking a short, trustworthy introduction to the ACA."—Harold Pollack, University of Chicago

"The Affordable Care Act promises revolutionary changes for America's health care system. Stephen Davidson's A New Era in U.S. Health Care offers a concise, readable, and insightful explanation of the problems that necessitated this law, the process through which it was adopted and is being implemented, and the reforms that it will bring about."—Timothy Stoltzfus Jost, Professor, Washington and Lee University School of Law

"A wise and humane guide through American health care. Davidson explains the problems we face and describes exactly how the Affordable Care Act measures up to them. The bottom line? A New Era in US Health Care might just turn you into a health policy optimist. Clear, elegant, smart, sober, insightful, and highly recommended."—James A Morone, author of The Heart of Power: Health and Politics in the Oval Office and By the People: Debating American Government

A New Era in U.S. Health Care demystifies the Affordable Care Act for unfamiliar readers, setting an agenda for lawmakers and the health industry alike. It focuses on four key issues that will determine the success of this 2010 legislation: the use of state-run Medicaid programs to expand access to insurance; the implementation process; the creation of health insurance exchanges; and the introduction of a new organizational form, accountable care organizations.

Stephen M. Davidson is Professor of Strategy and Policy at Boston University's School of Management. A blogger for The Huffington Post, he is the author of Still Broken: Understanding the U.S. Health Care System.

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