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Controlling Immigration
A Global Perspective, Second Edition

Edited by Wayne A. Cornelius, Takeyuki Tsuda, Philip L. Martin, and James F. Hollifield


560 pp.
42 tables, 1 figure, 12 maps.
ISBN: 9780804744898
Cloth $70.00
ISBN: 9780804744904
Paper $31.95

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"An impressive collection of essays by an interdisciplinary research team of immigration specialists. . . . Comparing immigration policies and policy outcomes in nine industrialized states (the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Japan), the authors explain both why certain immigration control measures have been adopted and why these measures have usually failed."—Comparative Politics

In the 1990s, immigration emerged as a central issue of public policy and a driving factor in democratic elections throughout the world. Modern democracies now all face the same questions: how many immigrants to accept, what rights and special services to provide them, and how to control illegal immigration.

This book provides a systematic, comparative study of immigration policy and policy outcomes in industrialized democracies. In-depth examinations of the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Japan have been updated for the second edition, and new chapters on Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, and South Korea have been added. Each profile addresses why certain immigration control measures were selected and why these measures usually failed to achieve their stated objectives. The discussion has been expanded to address the growing trend of migration of highly skilled professional workers, a particularly salient issue in the United States.

Wayne A. Cornelius is Professor of Political Science and Adjunct Professor of International Relations and Pacific Studies at the University of California, San Diego, where he also holds the Theodore E. Gildred Chair in U.S.-Mexican Relations. He is Director of the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies (CCIS) at UC-San Diego. Takeyuki Tsuda is Associate Director of the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies at the University of California, San Diego. James F. Hollifield is Arnold Professor of International Political Economy and Director of International Studies at Southern Methodist University. Philip Martin is Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of California, Davis, and Chair of the University of California's 60 member Comparative Immigration and Integration Program.

Published in association with the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies at the University of California, San Diego

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