Cover of Mediating the Global by Heather Hindman
Mediating the Global
Expatria's Forms and Consequences in Kathmandu
Heather Hindman


288 pp.

Cloth ISBN: 9780804786515
Digital ISBN: 9780804788557
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Transnational business people, international aid workers, and diplomats are all actors on the international stage working for organizations and groups often scrutinized by the public eye. But the very lives of these global middlemen and women are relatively unstudied. Mediating the Global takes up the challenge, uncovering the day-to-day experiences of elite foreign workers and their families living in Nepal, and the policies and practices that determine their daily lives. In this book, Heather Hindman calls for a consideration of the complex role that global middlemen and women play, not merely in implementing policies, but as objects of policy.

Examining the lives of expatriate professionals working in Kathmandu, Nepal and the families that accompany them, Hindman unveils intimate stories of the everyday life of global mediators. Mediating the Global focuses on expatriate employees and families who are affiliated with international development bodies, multinational corporations, and the foreign service of various countries. The author investigates the life of expatriates while they visit recreational clubs and international schools and also examines how the practices of international human resources management, cross-cultural communication, and promotion of flexible careers are transforming the world of elite overseas workers.

About the author

Heather Hindman is an Assistant Professor of Asian Studies at the University of Texas, Austin. As a cultural anthropologist, her main areas of expertise are critical development, entrepreneurialism, expatriate communities, social theory, global labor, and gender. Hindman has twenty years of research experience in Nepal.

"An extensive bibliography and index round out this well-researched and insightful examination of the challenges, pressures, and changing characteristics of Nepal's expatriate community, as well as the lessons that can be drawn and generalized from their experiences."

Midwest Book Review

"Mediating the Global is an illuminating exploration of the lives and cultural space occupied by expatriates operating within the global development regime. Hindman provides fascinating insights into the work, leisure, and consumption practices of expatriates stationed in Nepal. Hindman's book shows that while expatriates may appear powerful in their roles as brokers of development, they are also global middlemen (and women) grappling with the constantly shifting prerogatives of the government and non-government agencies they serve."

—Susan Hangen, Ramapo College