The Flesh of Words
The Politics of Writing
Jacques Rancière Translated by Charlotte Mandell


Table of Contents for Knowledge and Money

Table of Contents for The Flesh of Words

Translator's Note

The Excursions of the Word

I.                    The Politics of the Poem

1.      From Wordsworth to Mandelstam: The Transports of Liberty

2.      Rimbaud: Voices and Bodies

II.                 Theologies of the Novel

1.      The Body of the Letter: Bible, Epic, Novel

2.      Balzac and the Island of the Book

3.      Proust: War, Truth, Book

III.               The Literature of the Philosophers

1.      Althusser, Don Quixote, and the State of the Text

2.      Deleuze, Bartleby, and the Literary Formula