Being For Myself Alone
Origins of Jewish Autobiography
Marcus Moseley


Table of Contents for Knowledge and Money

Table of Contents for

Being For Myself Alone


1.      Autobiography: The Elusive Subject

Generic Dilemmas

Rousseau's Confessions as Autobiographical Paradigm

The "Children of Jean Jacques" in Jewish Eastern Europe

In and Around the Self: The Critical Discourse

2.      Intertextual Relations: Jewish Autobiographical Encounters

Autobiography as "Text"/Autobiography as "Discourse"

Symptoms of Transition: The Crystallization of Autobiographical Discourse

Cross-Cultural Fashionings of the Self

Arrested Development: The Constitution of a Jewish Autobiographical Field

3.      Autobiography as Reading

The "Tradition" Model for the Study of Jewish Autobiography

Sephardic Origins I: Valley and Vision: Abraham Yagel's Gei' bizzayon

Sephardic Origins II: "Un coup de dés n'abolira jamais le hasard": Yehudah Aryeh

Modena's Hayyei yehudah

      Ashkenazic Origins I: Scrolls of Lamentation and Lament

      Ashkenazic Origins II: The Memoirs of Gluckel of Hameln

      The Function of the First Person in Pre-Modern Jewish Narrative: An Overview

4.      Pre-Modern Jewish Autobiography and the Radical Hermeneutics of Michah Yosef Berdichevsky

Worlds Within Worlds

The Voice of the Individual and the Burden of Inheritance: Berdichevsky's

Autobiographical Counter-Tradition

The Crystallization of an Autobiographical Hermeneutic

Michah Yosef Berdichevsky Before the Speculum of Bin Gorion: The Collected

Works as Encylopaedia

From Re-Collection to Recollection: The Great Memory of Bin Gorion

Miriam: The Summing Up

5.      Jewish Autobiographical Writing at the Time of Rousseau


Jacob Emden's Megillat sefer

Nathan of Nemirov's Yemei maharnat

6.      Domesticating Rousseau: Mordechai Aaron Guenzberg's 'Avi'ezer

"I am not the father of this book, rather its mother, for in pain did I bear it"

The Conception of the Child

Generation and Gender: Discourses on Power

Autobiographies in Dialogue: From 'Avi'ezer to Hatt'ot ne'urim

7.      Ramifications Of The Self: Cultural Landscapes of Jewish Autobiography

Autobiography against Autobiography: Traditionalist Versions of the Self

Semiotics of Autobiographical Behavior

Buried Autobiographies

Summons to Autobiography/Response

Matrices of the Jewish Autobiographical Self

"Time present and time past/Are both perhaps present in time future,/And time future contained in time past."

Reference Matter