Shifting Priorities
Gender and Genre in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Painting
Nanette Salomon


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Shifting Priorities

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Introduction: Pro/visions, Re/visions, Tele/visions

I.                    PRO/VISIONS

1.      Vermeer and the Balance of Destiny

2.      Political Iconography in a Painting by Jan Miense Molenaer

3.      Pendants and Meaning Making in the Paintings of Gerard ter Borch

II.                 RE/VISIONS

4.      Jan Steen's Formulation of the Dissolute Household: Sources and Meanings

5.      "There's No Place like Home": Jan Steen and Domestic Ideology

6.      Jan Steen and the Invention of the Modern Woman

III.               TELE/VISIONS

7.      Early Netherlandish Bordeeltjes and the Construction of Social "Realities"

8.      Domesticating the Peasant Father: The Confluent Ideologies of Gender, Class, and Age in the Prints of Adriaen van Ostade

9.      Vermeer's Women: Changing Paradigms in Midcareer