Paper Machine
Jacques Derrida, Translated by Rachel Bowlby


Table of Contents for Knowledge and Money

Table of Contents for

Paper Machine

Translator's Note

1.      Machines and the "Undocumented Person"

2.      The Book to Come

3.      The Word Processor

4.      "But…No, but…Never…, and Yet…, as to the Media": Intellectuals. Attempt at Definition by Themselves. Survey.

5.      Paper or Me, You Know… (New Speculations on a Luxury of the Poor)

6.      The Principle of Hospitality

7.      "Sokal and Bricmont Aren't Serious"

8.      As If It Were Possible "Within Such Limits"

9.      My Sunday "Humanities"

10.  For José Rainha: What I Believe and Believe I Know

11.  "What Does It Mean to Be a French Philosopher Today?"

12.  Not Utopia, the Im-possible

13.  "Others Are Secret Because They Are Other"

14.  Fichus: Frankfurt Address