The Subject Medieval/Modern
Text and Governance in the Middle Ages
Peter Haidu


Table of Contents for The Subject Medieval/Modern

Table of Contents for The Subject Medieval/Modern




Part I. Before the State

1.      The Peace Movement: A Crisis in Ideology

2.      War, Peasant Revolt, and the Saint Alexis

3.      Epic and the King’s Peace: The Song of Roland  and Louis’ Coronation

4.      The Love-Lyric as Political Technology

5.      Chrétien de Troyes: The Perspectival Novel

6.      “Marie de France”: The Postcolonial lais

7.      Raoul de Cambrai: Haunting Violence


Part II. Governance

8.      Representation in State Governance I: Literacy

9.      Representation in State Governance II: Agency


Part III. In State

10.  Problematizing the Subject: Rose I

11.  Problematizing Identity: Silence

12.  Subject and Community: Adam’s “Congés”

13.  The Subject on the Subject: Philippe de Beaumanoir

14.  Ideologies of Subjectivity: Christine de Pizan and Alain Chartier

15.  “Love for Sale”” François Villon’s Textament of Solidarity


Conclusion: The Medieval Crucible