Regimes of Description
In the Archive of the Eighteenth Century
Edited by John Bender and Michael Marrinan


Table of Contents for Knowledge and Money

Table of Contents for

Regimes of Description


Introduction, by John Bender and Michael Marrinan

Description: Fantasies of General Knowledge

Description by Omission: Nature Enlightened and Obscured,

by Lorraine Daston

Nature's Unruly Body: The Limits of Scientific Description,

by Londa Schiebinger

Mithridates in Paradise: Describing Languages in a Universalistic World,

by Jürgen Trabant

Between Political Arithmetic and Political Economy,

by Mary Poovey

Describing: Imagination and Knowing

Problems of Description in Art: Realism,

by Wolfgang Klein

Imagining Flowers: Perceptual Mimesis (Particularly Delphinium),

by Elaine Scarry

Not Seeing the Laocoön: Lessing in the Archive of the Eighteenth Century,

            by Wolfgang Ernst

Disparities between Part and Whole in the Description of Works of Art,

            by Alex Potts

The Undescribed: Horizons of the Known

Between Mechanism and Romantic Naturphilosophie: Vitalizing Nature and Naturalizing Historical Discourse in the Late Enlightenment,

            by Peter Hanns Reill

Transparency and Utopia: Constructing the Void from Pascal to Foucault,

by Anthony Vidler

Aesthetic Media: The Structure of Aesthetic Theory before Kant,

by David E. Wellbery



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