Mergers and Acquisitions
Managing Culture and Human Resources
Edited by Günter K. Stahl and Mark E. Mendenhall


Table of Contents for Knowledge and Money

Table of Contents for

Mergers and Acquisitions



Introductory Comments, by Carlos Ghosn and Jean-Pierre Garnier

Part I: Introduction

1.      Sociocultural Integration in Mergers and Acquisitions, by Gnter K. Stahl, Mark E. Mendenhall, Amy L. Pablo, and Mansour Javidan

2.      Integration: The Critical Link in M&A Value Creation, by David M. Schweiger and Robert L. Lippert

Executive Commentary, by Tae-Gyun Shin

Part II: The Process of Sociocultural Integration in Mergers and Acquisitions

3.      Organizational Learning in Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions, by Danna N. Greenberg, Henry W. Lane, and Keith Bahde

Executive Commentary, by Jean Luc Scalabre

4.      Trust in Mergers and Acquisitions, by Gnter K. Stahl and Sim B. Sitkin

Executive Commentary, by Hans-Peter Engeli

5.      The Role of Corporate Cultural Diversity in Integrating Mergers and Acquisitions, by Georg Schreygg

Executive Commentary, by Albert Young

6.      The Construction of Social Identities in Mergers and Acquisitions, by Stein Kleppest

Executive Commentary, by Bjrn Z. Ekelund and Aina Aske

7.      A Learning Perspective on Sociocultural Integration in Cross-National Mergers, by Ingmar Bjrkman, Janne Tienari, and Eero Vaara

Executive Commentary, by Bernd Ratzke and Tom Kelly

Part III: The Management of Sociocultural Integration in Mergers and Acquisitions

8.      Synergy Realization in Mergers and Acquisitions: A Co-Competence and Motivational Approach, by Rikard Larsson

Executive Commentary, by Shlomo Ben-Hur and L. Todd Thomas

9.      The Neglected Importance of Leadership in Mergers and Acquisitions, by Sim B. Sitkin and Amy L. Pablo

Executive Commentary, by Wilfried Meyer

10.  Psychological Communication Interventions in Mergers and Acquisitions, by Angelo S. DeNisi and Shung Jae Shin

Executive Commentary, by Mark Jones

11.  Developing a Framework for Cultural Due Diligence in Mergers and Acquisitions: Issues and Ideas, by Susan Cartwright and Simon McCarthy

Executive Commentary, by Max Otte

Part IV: Learning from Experience: Case Analyses of Sociocultural Processes in Mergers and Acquisitions

12.  Managing Human Resources to Capture Capabilities: Case Studies in High-Technology Acquisitions, by Saikat Chaudhuri

13.  The CNH Global Case: Building Social Capabilities to Win in Global Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, and Alliances, by Piero Morosini

14.  Integration Processes in Cross-Border Mergers: Lessons Learned from Dutch-German Mergers, by Ren Olie

15.  DaimlerChrysler: A Case Study of a Cross-Border Merger, by Torsten Khlmann and Peter J. Dowling

16.  The Importance of the Agreement Formation Process in Partnering with the Unfamiliar: The Case of Renault and Nissan, by Harry Korine, Kazuhiro Asakawa, and Pierre-Yves Gomez

17.  Creating a New Identity and High-Performance Culture at Novartis: The Role of Leadership and Human Resource Management, by Chei Hwee Chua, Hans-Peter Engeli, and Gnter K. Stahl

Part V: Lessons for Research and Practice

18.  Research on Sociocultural Integration in Mergers and Acquisitions: Points of Agreement, Paradoxes, and Avenues for Future Research, by Gnter K. Stahl, Mark E. Mendenhall, and Yaakov Weber

19.  People and Cultural Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions: What Are the Lessonsand the Challenges?, by Paul Evans and Vladimir Pucik