Law, Justice, and Power
Between Reason and Will
Edited by Sinkwan Cheng


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Law, Justice, and Power

List of Contributors

Introduction: Law, Justice, and Power in the Global Age, by Sinkwan Cheng

Part I.  The "New World Order" Between State Sovereignty and Human Rights

1.      NATO as the Left Hand of God? by Slavoj Zizek

2.      Legal Universalism: Between Morality and Power in a World of States, by Martti Koskenniemi

3.      Global Refugees: (Human) Rights, Citizenship, and the Law, by Maggie O'Neill

Part II.  Colonialism and the Globalization of Western Law

4.      The Sovereign Sentence: Kant and the Deportation of Justice, by Peter Fenves

5.      The Female Body as a Post-Colonial Site of Political Protest: The Hunger Strikers Versus the Labor Strikers in Forster's A Passage to India, by Sinkwan Cheng

Part III.  Legal Pluralism and Beyond

6.      Recognition as Justice? A Proposal for Avoiding Philosophical Schizophrenia, by Nancy Fraser

7.      Rethinking the Quotidian: Legal and Other Regulations, by John Brigham

Part IV.  New Ethical and Philosophical Turns in Legal Theory

8.      Ethics, Normativity, and the Heteronomy of the Law, by Ernesto Laclau

9.      Ethics, Norms, and Laws: Levinas, Luhmann, and Lyotard, by Robert Gibbs

10.  Law in the Domains of Death, by Peter Fitzpatrick

11.  Justice and Truth, by Alain Badiou

Part V.  The "Inhuman" Dimension of Law: Poststructuralist Assessments

12.  Fate (Schicksal) in Walter Benjamin's Zur Kritik der Gewalt, by J. Hillis Miller

13.  Rousseau and Law: Monstrous Logic, by Juliet Flower Maccannell

Part VI.  Psychoanalysis: Justice Outside the "Limits" of the Law

14.  Beyond the Dialectic of Law and Transgression: Forgiveness and Promise, by Julia Kristeva