The Art Firm
Aesthetic Management and Metaphysical Marketing
Pierre Guillet de Monthoux


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Table of Contents for The Art Firm

Preface Welcome to Dionysus Inc.


Chapter 1 Play as Aesthetic Schwung

Points of Departure—Aesthetic Theaters

Operating Theater

Lecturing Theater

Festival Theater

Schiller's Schwung Strategy

Chapter 2 Players in Aesthetic Philosophy

Audience: Kant's Public

Third-Way Philosophy

The Sublime and the Beautiful

Aesthetics for Publicity

Artist: Schelling's Creator

Aesthetics for Creativity

Creating Symbols

The Philosophical Genius

Critic: Dewey's Educator

Managing Art

Making Art

Aesthetics for Democracy

Technician: Nietzsche's Leader

Aesthetics for Energy

Schwung song Wagner

Schwung dance Napoleon

Chapter 3 Problems for Art Firms

Gadamer's Art Firm

The Duel Dilemma

Totality—Imploding Art Work

Banality—Exploding Art Work

Chapter 4—Metaphysics—Marketing of Art Firms

Schopenhauer's Business of Being

Aesthetic Production—Embodying the Thing-in-Itself

Aesthetic Consumption—Contemplating the Thing-in-Itself

Chapter 5 Avant-Garde Enterprises

Cases of Aesthetic Management

Wagner's Bayreuth Brand

Théâtre Libre—Antoine's Naturalist Project

Théâtre de l'Oevre—Lugné's Symbolist Undertaking

Metaphysics of Value

Kahnweiler's Symbolic Surplus

Kandinsky's Rhetoric Surplus

Genette's Immanent Object

Chapter 6 Artistic Companies

Cases of Aesthetic Management

David's Festival Firm

Stanislavski's Backstage Studio

Diaghilev's Frontstage Ballet

Metaphysics of Politics

Discovering the State of Nature

Designing Cultures for Nations

Legendre's Mirror of Modernity

Chapter 7 Art Corporations

Metaphysics of Industry

Culture for Workers

Nature of Work

Cases of Aesthetic Management

Father Alf in Democratic Industry

Mother Osten and Industrial Industry

Chapter 8 Flux Firms

Beuys's Aesthetic Management of Social Sculpture

Extending Art as Capital

Human Capital When Everyone Is an Artist

Simmel's Metaphysics of Organization

Chapter 9 Postmod Performances

Big Bang Berlin: Rephilosophizing the Third

Cases of Aesthetic Management

Müller Performing Matter

Wilson Performing Form

Castorf's Media-Consumption Metaphysics

Berliner Boxer

Stockholmer Schwung

Chapter 10 Dionysus Inc.—Extending the Art Firm

Aesthetic Management and Metaphysical Marketing

The Dualism—Aesthetic Management Against Totality and Banality

The Third—Metaphysics of Art Work

The Embedded Art Firm and Its Aesthetic Players

Technicians Torn Between Production and Finance

Artists Halfway Between Design and Media

Critics from Marketing Toward Culture

Audience of Half Consumers and Half Managers

An Emerging Art Firm: Pistoletto's Aesthetic Play