Russian-Eurasian Renaissance?
U.S. Trade and Investment in Russia and Eurasia
Edited by Jan H. Kalicki and Eugene K. Lawson






Eurasian Forward, by Eduard Shevardnadze

American Forward, by Lee H. Hamilton

Russian Forward, by Yegor Gaidar


Introduction, by Jan H. Kalicki and Eugene K. Lawson


Part I.  Commerce with Russia

1.      Russia’s Investment Outlook, by Z. Blake Marshall

2.      Expanding U.S.—Russian Trade, by Susanne S. Lotarski

3.      Regionalism or Globalization?, by Maxim Y. Medvedkov


Russian commentary by German O. Gref, Minister of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation


Part II.  Commerce with Eurasia

4.      The Investment Climate in Central Asia and the Caucasus, by S. Frederick Starr

5.      Trade Issues in U.S. Dealings with Eurasia, by Sarah C. Carey

6.      The Case of Ukraine, by Kempton Jenkins

7.      Caspian Futures, by Steven R. Mann


Eurasian Commentary by Temur Basilia, Assistant to the President of Georgia on Economic Issues


Part III.  Economic Drivers

8.      The Energy Locomotive, by Paul F. Hueper

9.      Aerospace, by Ruth R. Harkin

10.  Automotive Sector, by Scott M. Blacklin

11.  Agriculture and Agribusiness, by Christian J. Foster and Asif J. Chaudhry

12.  Telecommunications, by Augie K. Fabela II


Eurasian and Russian Commentary, by Vladimir Shkolnik, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources and former Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan


Part IV.  The Constraints for Russia and Eurasia

13.  Systemic Risk Factors in Russia and Eurasia, by Mark F. Brzezinski and Joseph C. Bell

14.  Corporate Governance and Rule of Law, by Richard N. Dean

15.  The Banking System, by Juliet Johnson

16.  Oligarchic Capitalism in Russia, by David E. Hoffman


Russian and Eurasian Commentary, by Dmitry V. Vasiliev, former Chairman, Russian Federal Commission on the Securities Market


Part V.  Prospects for the Future

17.  Eventual Success of Market Reform, by Anders Aslund

18.  Trade Agreements and the WTO, by Catherine A. Novelli

19.  The Political Dynamic, by Toby T. Gati and Tapio L. Christiansen


Eurasian Commentary, by Sodiq S. Safaev, Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan


Russian Commentary, by Yevgeniy G. Yasin, former Russian Minister of Economy


Conclusion by Jan H. Kalicki and Eugene K. Lawson