Balance of Power
Theory and Practice in the 21st Century
Edited by T. V. Paul, James J. Wirtz, and Michel Fortmann


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Balance of Power

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Part I: Theories of Balance of Power and Major Powers

1.      What Do Great Powers Balance Against and When?, by Jack S. Levy

2.      Great Powers in the Post-Cold War World: A Power Transition Perspective, by Douglas Lemke

3.      The Political Economy of Balance of Power Theory, by Mark R. Brawley

Part II: New Security Challenges and Balance of Power

4.      The War on Terrorism and the Balance of Power: The Paradoxes of American Hegemony, by Christopher Layne

5.      The Balance of Power Paradox, by James J. Wirtz

6.      A World Not in the Balance: War, Politics, and Weapons of Mass Destruction, by Edward Rhodes

Part III: Regional Subsystems and Balance of Power

7.      Europe Hedges Its Security Bets, by Robert J. Art

8.      Revisiting Balance of Power Theory in Central Eurasia, by William C. Wohlforth

9.      The International System and Regional Balance in the Middle East, by Benjamin Miller

10.  Bipolarity and Balancing in East Asia, by Robert S. Ross

11.  The South Asian Security Balance in a Western Dominant World, by Raju G.C. Thomas

12.  Regime Type and Regional Security in Latin America: Toward a "Balance of Identity" Theory, by Michael Barletta and Harold Trinkunas

Conclusions: Balance of Power at the Turn of the New Century, by Michel Fortmann, T.V. Paul, and James J. Wirtz