Fred Terman at Stanford
Building a Discipline, a University, and Silicon Valley
C. Stewart Gillmor


Table of Contents for Knowledge and Money

Table of Contents for

Fred Terman at Stanford

Foreword, by Richard Atkinson


Introduction: Building a Discipline, a University, and Silicon Valley

1.      California Boy, 1900-1924

2.      The Stanford Professor, 1925-1937

3.      Building Radio and Electronics, 1937-1941

4.      The Radio War, 1941-1946

5.      Jump-starting Engineering at Stanford, 1942-1949

6.      From Building a Discipline to Building a University, 1949-1959

7.      Raising Steeples at Stanford, 1958-1965

8.      "If I Had My Life to Live Over Again, I Would Play the Same Record," 1965-1982

Epilogue: Building, Momentum, Waves, and Networks


A.     Fred Terman's Salary, 1925-1965

B.     U.S. Patents of Fred Terman, 1930-1947

C.     Amateur ("Ham") Radio Operators at the Radio Research Laboratory

D.     Stanford in the Rankings