Vernacular Modernism
Heimat, Globalization, and the Built Environment
Edited by Maiken Umbach and Bernd Hüppauf


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Contributors for


Stanford Anderson teaches the history of architecture and is head of the Department of Architecture at MIT.

Mardges Bacon teaches architectural history at Northeastern University.

John Czaplicka is based at the Center for European Studies, Harvard University.

Kenneth Frampton is Ware Professor of Architecture at Columbia University.

Bernd Hppauf teaches at New York University's German Department and is director of NYU's Deutsches Haus.

Francesco Passanti is currently completing an extensive monograph on Le Corbusier, focusing on the process by which Le Corbusier constructed his modernist architectural concept during the years 1910-1025.

Michael Saler teaches in the History Department of the University of California at Davis.

Maiken Umbach teaches modern European history at the University of Manchester (U.K.), and holds visiting appointments at University College London and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.