Miraculous Response
Doing Popular Religion in Contemporary China
Adam Yuet Chau


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Table of Contents for

Miraculous Response


A Note on Units of Measurement, Romanization, and Dates

1.      Introduction

2.      Shaanbei History, Society, and Culture

3.      Shaanbei Popular Religious Landscape

4.      Beliefs and Practices: Shaanbei People's Religiosity and Religious Habitus

5.      Legends and Histories: Heilongdawang and the Heilongdawang Temple

6.      Provisioning Magical Efficacy and Divine Benevolence

7.      Modes of Social Organization and Folk Event Productions

8.      Red-Hot Sociality

9.      Temple Boss and Local Elite: The Story of Lao Wang

10.  Longwanggou and Agrarian Political Culture

11.  The Local State and the Politics of Legitimation

12.  Conclusion


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