Politics Beyond the Capital
The Design of Subnational Institutions in South America
Kent Eaton


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Politics Beyond the Capital

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Part One: Introduction

1.      Explaining Decentralization of Re-centralization

2.      Definitions, Cases, Patterns

Part Two: Nineteenth-Century Origins, Twentieth-Century Trajectories

3.      Decentralization from Below: Argentina before 1966, Brazil before 1964

4.      Decentralization from Above: Chile and Uruguay before 1973

Part Three: Bureaucratic Authoritarianism Beyond the Capital

5.      Subnational Reforms by Military Governments

Part Four: Subnational Institutions in the Third Wave of Democracy

6.      Reemergence of the Governors in Argentina and Brazil

7.      National Engineering of Subnational Institutions in Chile and Uruguay

Part Five: Conclusion

8.  Comparing Waves and Approaches


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