Knowledge and Money
Research Universities and the Paradox of the Marketplace
Roger L. Geiger


Table of Contents for Avuncularism

Table of Contents for Avuncularism

Introduction:  Life Without Father—Uncles in History, Theory, and Literature

1.     Home Trading:  Mansfield Park and the Economics of Endogamy

2.     Reproduction and Malthusian Economics:  Fat, Fertility, and Family Planning in Adam Bede

3.     In Loco Parentis:  Dickensian Uncles and the Victorian Pawnshop

4.     Turning Bones into Spoons:  Jews, Pawnbrokers, and Daniel Deronda

5.     "Send the Letters, Uncle John": Trollope, Penny-Postage Reform, and the Domestication of Empire

Conclusion:  Home Trading Redux:  Universal Brotherhood and the Redemption of Uncle