National Differences, Global Similarities
World Culture and the Future of Schooling
David Baker and Gerald LeTendre


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National Differences, Global Similarities

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1.      The Global Environment of National School Systems

2.      The Declining Significance of Gender and the Rise of Egalitarian Mathematics Education

3.      Symbiotic Institutions: Changing Global Dynamics Between Family and Schooling

4.      Demand for Achievement: The Worldwide Growth of Shadow Education Systems

5.      Rich Land, Poor Schools: Inequality of National Educational Resources and Achievement of Disadvantaged Students

6.      Safe Schools, Dangerous Nations: The Paradox of School Violence

7.      The Universal Math Teacher? International Beliefs, National Work Roles, and Local Practice

8.      Schoolwork at Home? Low-Quality Schooling and Homework

9.      Slouching Toward a Global Ideology: The Devolution Revolution in Education Governance

10.  Nation Versus Nation: The Race to Be the First in the World

11.  Conclusion: Observing Modern Schooling as an Institution