Gestures of Ethical Life
Reading Hölderlin's Question of Measure After Heidegger
David Michael Kleinberg-Levin


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Table of Contents for

Gestures of Ethical Life




Epitaph for the Handshake

1.      A Gesture Most Tactful: Rilke's Second Duino Elegy

2.      Measure in paideiva and politei a: Learning a Gentle Restraint

3.      Freedom in Right Measure: Hlderlin's Anguished Question

4.      What Measure Now? A Survivor's Reflections on the Holocaust

5.      The Invisible Hands of Capital and Labor: Using Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology to Understand Alienation in Marx's Theory of Manual Labor

6.      Keeping Up Appearances: The Dialectic of Tact in Adorno

7.      What Is Left Intact: Reading the Hand in Benjamin's Writings

8.      Usage and Dispensation: Heidegger's Meditation on the Hand

9.      Two Hands Touching: Chiasmatic Gestures in Merleau-Ponty

10.  Arrhythmia in the Messianic Epokhe: Opening the Gate with Levinasian Gestures


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