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Table of Contents for

Servants of Globalization


Introduction: Migrant Filipina Domestic Workers in Rome and Los Angeles

1.      The Dislocations of Migrant Filipina Domestic Workers

2.      The Philippines and the Outflow of Labor

3.      The International Division of Reproductive Labor

4.      The Transnational Family: A Postindustrial Household Structure with Preindustrial Values

5.      Intergenerational and Gender Relations in Transnational Families

6.      Contradictory Class Mobility: The Politics of Domestic Work in Globalization

7.      The Dislocation of Nonbelonging: Domestic Workers in the Filipino Migrant Communities of Rome and Los Angeles

Conclusion: Servants of Globalization: Different Settings, Parallel Lives

Appendix A: Characteristics of the Samples

Appendix B: Tables