Keeping the Promise of Social Security in Latin America
Indermit Gill, Truman Packard, and Juan Yermo


Table of Contents for Knowledge and Money

Table of Contents for

Keeping the Promise of Social Security in Latin America



1.      Rethinking Social Security Priorities in Latin America

Part I.  Retrospective: Fiscal, Financial, and Social Benefits from Pension Reform

2.      Structural Reforms to Social Security in Latin America

3.      The Fiscal Sustainability of Public Pension Promises in Latin America

4.      The Financial Benefits of Pension Reform

5.      Social Gains from Pension Reforms in Latin America

Part II.  Analytical: How Governments Can Help Individuals Deals with Retirement

6.      How Individuals View Social Security

7.      How well has the "Savings" Component Performed from the Individual's Perspective?

8.      The Preferences that Individuals Reveal

Part III.  Prospective: The Future of Social Security in Latin America

9.      Preventing Poverty in Old Age: Improving the Pooling Component

10.  Facilitating Consumption Smoothing: Improving the Savings Component

11.  The Way Forward

Technical Annex. Assumptions of PROST Simulations

Appendix. Background Papers for Keeping the Promise