Cover of Radiographic Atlas of Skeletal Development of the Hand and Wrist by William Walter Greulich and S. Idell Pyle
Radiographic Atlas of Skeletal Development of the Hand and Wrist
William Walter Greulich and S. Idell Pyle


272 pages.

Hardcover ISBN: 9780804703987

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This Atlas is principally based on the Brush Foundation Study of Human Growth and Development, conceived in 1929 by Professor T. Wingate Todd of Western Reserve University School of Medicine. This intensive study collected data on the maturation of human anatomy through the meticulous X-raying of a series of research subjects enrolled in the study as juveniles—some as young as three months—and thereafter routinely weighed and measured at three-month to one-year intervals, depending on their age.

This Atlas utilizes not only the X-ray films to which Todd had access but, also, those which were obtained in the six years subsequent to Todd's publication of his Atlas of Skeletal Maturation of the Hand. The X-ray standards in the present volume are, therefore, the first to be based exclusively on the research of the Brush Foundation Study.

About the authors

William Walter Greulich is Professor of Anatomy at Stanford University School of Medicine.

S. Idell Pyle is Research Associate at the Departments of Anatomy at Western Reserve University and Stanford University School of Medicine.

"Here is a book which compiles the most accurate data on bone age in an extremely useful form, so that the practicing clinician, pediatrician, general practitioner, internist, or radiologist may find data quickly and accurately. . . . This book represents a tremendous amount of work, a study of over 1,000 individuals, with from two to twenty films each, in an effort to find an acceptable series of standards. . . . This book should be in te possession of all those who expect to interpret skeletal age from films or assess the patient from that clinical point of view."

Stanford Medical Bulletin

"To pediatrician, radiologist and all those responsible for the physical care of the child, this Atlas is essential. Text and illustration are of the highest standards, and the work will long remain the classic in the field."

The United States Quarterly Book Review

"The plates and illustrations are clear and the book is a beautiful example of the art of fine printing. It is a most valuable and a most welcome text that should be of great use to the pediatrician and should be available in every pediatric clinic and children's hospital."

The Journal of Pediatrics

"The publication of this atlas marks an important step toward integrating concepts of growth and development into the practice of clinical medicine. From the work of child development centers throughout the country, it has become established that the process of skeletal development is the most significant available measure of physical maturation. It is closely related to the reproductive and total somatic growth and is of great clinical value, especially when considered in relation to chronological age. . . . The excellence of the volume lies in the clarity of its directions and in the choice of standards, many of which are taken from a successive series on the same children. There is thus very little difficulty in matching an unknown x-ray to its correct age peer."

California Medicine

" . . . [This] atlas will prove invaluable to those interested in the problems of growth retardation or abnormal advancement."

Annals of Western Medicine and Surgery

"The publishing is excellent and the atlas should be in all anatomic, radiologic and orthopedic collections."

The New England Journal of Medicine

"The amount of work, energy and imagination that culminated in the preparation of this book is tremendous. Such a study supplies information not available by other means. . . . The book is beautifully prepared. The reproductions of the roentgenograms are the same size as the original films. They are exceptionally clear so that the detailed alterations are readily detected. This is the type of book that supplies original information which will increase in value with the years."

Archives of Physical Medicine

"This new book on the hand and wrist is very enlightening. . . . We recommend it to all radiologists, pediatricians, and endocrinologists who are trying to do good work and wish to improve their diagnoses."

The American Journal of Roentgenology and Radium Therapy

"This splendid atlas will be indispensable to pediatricians, anatomists, physical anthropologists, and coroners."

Quarterly Review of Biology

“Although this volume will probably appeal particularly to clinical workers in fields of child development it will be very useful as a reference for the anatomist who may be called in consultation. It will also be valuable for the student in anatomy who wishes to observe the progress of ossification of the bones of the wrist and hand.”—The Anatomical Record