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Networks of Democracy
Lessons from Kosovo for Afghanistan, Iraq, and Beyond
Anne Holohan


240 pages.
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Most work on peacekeeping and peacebuilding focuses almost entirely on policy. Networks of Democracy provides a distinct and important perspective that links daily activities to mission outcomes. This book is an ethnography of the interaction between the diverse people and diverse organizations on the ground in a peacebuilding and reconstruction mission, the United Nations Mission in Kosovo. Anne Holohan asks and answers: how do people from many nationalities and who are part of organizations with diverse structures and cultures—militaries, police, civilian organizations—cooperate? What everyday behaviors and organizational practices facilitate communication and cooperation, and what behaviors and practices impede it?

Drawing on extensive research of interactions on the ground, Holohan offers vivid accounts of a flexible, inclusive inter-organizational culture in two municipalities—one where all mission actors are present and participating, the other a rigid, hierarchical, exclusive inter-organizational culture. As she demonstrates, these differences produce a striking contrast in outcomes between the two municipalities, and for the mission overall.

About the author

Anne Holohan received a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of California, Los Angeles. She is currently a Marie Curie International Incoming Fellow at the University of Trento, Italy.

"Holohan provides a conceptually elegant and yet remarkably practical analysis of democratization and reconstruction efforts in two municipalities in Kosovo, some two ears after the launch of the United Nations post-conflict mission there in 1999."

Contemporary Sociology

"Throughout the case studies, Holohan relentlessly pushes her theoretical points, while seamlessly weaving the theoretical aspects of network organizations into the specific discussions of the municipalities . . . Networks of Democracy undoubtedly provides important lessons for international interventions, both present and future."

Yale Journal of International Law

"Anne Holohan brings something long overdue to the democratization bookshelf: comparative case studies based on fieldwork. This book should be mandatory reading for all Washington, D.C. policymakers at work on spreading democracy."

—Julie Mertus, American University

"With unique access to all levels of nation-building organizations, Anne Holohan gives an original and exceptional analysis of the process. This book will become a classic on how to enhance international cooperation and democratization missions."

—Charles Moskos, Northwestern University

"[M]y students have read Networks of Democracy, as should all who are interested in the theory and practice of peace building and international conflict intervention."

American Journal of Sociology