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Stanford University Press is hiring a Social Media Specialist to handle our day-to-day social media efforts and overall online presence. We’re looking for someone with at least one year’s experience managing social media for a company, university department, or other organization to join our office in Redwood City, California.

Our ideal candidate is someone who:

  • Easily engages with and understands academic, business, and general interest audiences
  • Adroitly composes, schedules, and posts to social media (primarily Twitter and Facebook) aimed at the above audiences
  • Wields rock star communication skills
  • Knows how to foster and maintain a multi-pronged online presence including social media, Press blog, monthly newsletter, and extras for the Press website
  • Will create (in conjunction with authors and in-house editors), edit, and promote captivating blog entries
  • Understands branding and design as it is implemented across a wide range of media
  • May or may not prefer the Oxford comma, but can explain opinion in 120 characters, 200, or 2,000 words
  • Shoots and edits video, manages lighting arrangement, conducts short interviews, and coordinates with campus AV resources
  • Is comfortable editing HTML, extracting sample chapters from ebooks, and troubleshooting the online presentation of material
  • Is proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, and/or other tools for editing images and creating compelling visuals
  • Works well with colleagues across a wide range of department, disciplines, and job roles
  • Is conversant in web and social media analytics

This position reports to both the Marketing and IT Managers.

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