Philosophical Evaluations
Edited by Beate Rössler


Untitled Document Table of Contents for Privacies


Privaces: An Overview, by Beate Rössler

Privacy in American Law, by Anita L. Allen

Interpreting Doctrines of Privacy: A Comment on Anita Allen, by Nicola Lacey

Gender and Privacy: A Critique of the Liberal Tradition, by Beate Rössler

Personal Autonomy and the Law: Sexual Harassment, Privacy, and the Dilemmas of Regulating “Intimacy”, by Jean L. Cohen

Privacy and Autonomy: A Comment on Jean Cohen, by Maeve Cooke

Privacy and the Body: The Publicity of Affect, by Moira Gatens

“The Subject of Privacy”: A Comment on Moira Gatens, by Wendy Brown

Between Justice and Affection: The Family as a Field of Moral Disputes, by Axel Honneth

Justice as a Precondition of Affection and Care: A Comment on Axel Honneth, by Herlinde Pauer-Studer

A Room of One’s Own: Old Age, Extended Care, and Privacy, by Iris Marion Young

Bringing It All Back Home: A Comment on Iris Young, by Krishan Kumar

Driving to the Panopticon: A Philosophical Exploration of the Risks to Privacy Posed by the Information Technology of the Future, by Jeffrey Reiman

A Private Point-of-View: Privacy in and via the Media, by Gertrud Koch