Out of the World
Peter Sloterdijk


Preliminary Note
1 Why is it happening to me?
Guesswork concerning the animal that stumbles upon itself, that makes great plans, that often does not move from the spot, and that sometimes is fed up with everything
2 Where do the monks go?
On world-flight from an anthropological perspective
3 What are drugs for?
On the dialectic of world-flight and world-addiction
4 How was the "death drive" discovered?
Toward a theory of the soul's end goals, with continual references to Socrates, Jesus, and Freud
5 Is the world negatable?
On Indian spirit and Occidental gnosis
6 What does it mean to take oneself over?
Experiment in affirmation
7 Where are we when we listen to music
8 How do we stir the sleep of the world?
Conjectures on awakening