Locating Global Advantage
Industry Dynamics in the International Economy
Edited by Martin Kenney with Richard Florida


Table of Contents for Locating Global Advantage

Table of Contents for Locating Global Advantage


Preface: In Vino Veritas?, by Paul Duguid


1.      Introduction, by Martin Kenney


Part One


2.      Globalization in the Apparel and Textile Industries: What Is New and What Is Not? by Frederick H. Abernathy, John T. Dunlop, Janice H. Hammond, and David Weil


3.      Globalization, Deverticalization, and Employment in the Motor Vehicle Industry, by Timothy Sturgeon and Richard Florida


4.      The Shifting Value Chain: The Television Industry in North America, by Martin Kenney


Part Two


5.      The Organizational and Geographic Configuration of the Personal Computer Value Chain, by James Curry and Martin Kenney


6.      Leveraging Locations: Hard Disk Drive Producers in International Competition, by David G. McKendrick


7.      Industry Creation and the New Geography of Innovation: The Case of Flag Panel Displays, by Thomas P. Murtha, Stefanie Ann Lenway, and Jeffrey A. Hart


8.      Globalization and Semiconductors: Do Real Men Have Fabs, or Virtual Fabs? by Robert C. Leachman and Chien H. Leachman


9.      The Net World Orderís Influence on Global Leadership in the Semiconductor Industry, by Greg Linden, Clair Brown, and Melissa M. Appleyard


Part Three


10.  Conclusion: From Regions and Firms to Multinational Highways: Knowledge and Its Diffusion as a Factor in the Globalization of Industries, by Bruce Kogut