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Initial inquiries about publication should be made directly to the appropriate editor at the Press. Please submit your proposal to only one editor. Materials will be shared and redistributed among editors if appropriate.

We recommend that a book prospectus include the following. Please do not send complete manuscripts.

  • Detailed statement outlining the manuscript’s arguments, themes, and significance to the field
  • Annotated table of contents that clearly develops the content and structure of each chapter
  • Assessment of the work’s fit with existing literature, comparison with published books on the topic, and discussion of the intended audiences and market for the book
  • Statement of the anticipated length of the manuscript; plans for tables, figures, or other illustrations; and schedule for completion
  • Sample chapter (optional)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • If your manuscript is based on a dissertation, please discuss how the material and research has been developed, reframed, or otherwise revised. SUP does not publish unrevised dissertations.
  • If your manuscript is an edited collection, please include information about each of the contributors and note if any of the chapters are previously published.

Prospectuses can be emailed to the appropriate editor or mailed to:

Attn: editor
Stanford University Press
485 Broadway, First Floor
Redwood City CA 94063-8460


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