Index of Authors, Editors, and Translators

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Kafka, Robert [Editor], The Point Alma Venus Manuscripts
Kahn, Sandra [Author], Jaws: The Story of a Hidden Epidemic
Kaltenmark, Max [Author], Lao Tzu and Taoism
Kamuf, Peggy [Author], Book of Addresses
Kamuf, Peggy [Translated by], The Muses
           Resistances of Psychoanalysis
           Without Alibi
           Insister of Jacques Derrida
Kanbur, Ravi [Editor], Poverty and Inequality
Kaplan, Fred [Author], The Wizards of Armageddon
Karlstrom, Paul [Editor], Asian American Art: A History, 1850-1970
Karman, James [Author], Robinson Jeffers: Poet and Prophet
Kartchner, Kerry M. [Author], On Limited Nuclear War in the 21st Century
Kassenova, Togzhan [Author], Atomic Steppe: How Kazakhstan Gave Up the Bomb
Kassimir, Ronald [Editor], Youth, Globalization, and the Law
Katchadourian, Herant [Author], Guilt: The Bite of Conscience
Katz, Friedrich [Author], The Life and Times of Pancho Villa
Kavanagh, Thomas M. [Editor], The Limits of Theory
Keesing, Roger M. [Author], Melanesian Pidgin and the Oceanic Substrate
Keleman Saxena, Alder [Editor], Feral Atlas: The More-Than-Human Anthropocene
Kelle, Alexander [Author], Preventing a Biochemical Arms Race
Kelleher, Catherine M. [Author], Getting to Zero: The Path to Nuclear Disarmament
Kelleher, Catherine McArdle [Editor], Regional Missile Defense from a Global Perspective
Kellerman, Barbara [Author], Hard Times: Leadership in America
Kellner, Hans [Editor], Re-Figuring Hayden White
Kelly, David [Author], Chinese Marxism in the Post-Mao Era
Kemerer, Frank [Author], California School Law: Third Edition
Kenaan, Hagi [Author], Photography and Its Shadow
Kendall, Michelle [Translated by], Lautréamont and Sade
Kendall, Stuart [Translated by], Lautréamont and Sade
Kennedy, David M. [Editor], World War II and the West It Wrought
Kennedy, Donald [Author], A Place in the Sun: A Memoir
Kieserling, André [Editor], A Systems Theory of Religion
Kingsberg Kadia, Miriam L. [Author], Into the Field: Human Scientists of Transwar Japan
Kingston, Paul W. [Author], The Classless Society
Kinkley, Jeffrey C. [Translated by], Traveller Without a Map
Kirby, William C. [Editor], Realms of Freedom in Modern China
Kirkby, Sarah L. [Translated by], The Impertinent Self: A Heroic History of Modernity
Kishik, David [Translated by], "What Is an Apparatus?" and Other Essays
Kiskaddon, Dustin [Author], Blood and Lightning: On Becoming a Tattooer
Kittler, Friedrich [Author], Discourse Networks, 1800/1900
Kittler, Friedrich A. [Author], Gramophone, Film, Typewriter
Klein, Lawrence [Editor], The New Russia: Transition Gone Awry
Kleinman, Arthur [Editor], SARS in China: Prelude to Pandemic?
Klinger, Florian [Author], Aesthetic Action
Knoblock, John [Translated by], The Annals of Lü Buwei
Knodt, Eva M. [Translated by], Art as a Social System
Koch, Peter Rutledge [Author], Book Art Object 2
Kofman, Sarah [Author], Nietzsche and Metaphor
           Selected Writings
Konuk, Kader [Author], East West Mimesis: Auerbach in Turkey
Kosky, Jeffrey L. [Translated by], Being Given: Toward a Phenomenology of Givenness
Kotsko, Adam [Author], The Prince of This World
           Opus Dei: An Archaeology of Duty
           Pilate and Jesus
           The Use of Bodies
Kottman, Paul A. [Author], A Politics of the Scene
           Love As Human Freedom
Kottman, Paul A. [Editor], Philosophers on Shakespeare
           Hegel: The Philosopher of Freedom
Kottman, Sophia [Translated by], Hegel: The Philosopher of Freedom
Kovacs, Maureen Gallery [Translated by], The Epic of Gilgamesh
Kristeller, Paul Oskar [Author], Eight Philosophers of the Italian Renaissance
Kronenberg, Kenneth [Translated by], No Justice in Germany: The Breslau Diaries, 1933-1941
Krygier, Martin [Author], Philip Selznick: Ideals in the World
Kuhn, Philip A. [Author], Origins of the Modern Chinese State
Kuntz, Jane [Translated by], A History of the Grandparents I Never Had
           Ninette of Sin Street
Kuzniar, Alice A. [Author], The Queer German Cinema
Kuzniar, Alice A. [Editor], Outing Goethe & His Age
Kyle, Douglas E. [Author], Historic Spots in California: Fifth Edition