Cover of Providing for National Security by Edited by Andrew M. Dorman and Joyce P. Kaufman
Providing for National Security
A Comparative Analysis
Edited by Andrew M. Dorman and Joyce P. Kaufman


340 pages.
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Providing for National Security: A Comparative Analysis argues that the provision of national security has changed in the 21st century as a result of a variety of different pressures and threats. In this timely volume experts from both the academic and policy worlds present 13 different country case studies drawn from across the globe—including established and newer states, large and smaller states, those on the rise and those in apparent decline—to identify what these key players consider to be their national security priorities, how they go about providing national security, how they manage national security, and what role they see for their armed forces now and in the future. The book concludes that relative standing and the balance of power remains important to each state, and that all see an important role for armed forces in the future.

About the authors

Andrew M. Dorman is a Professor in the Defence Studies Department, King's College London based at the Joint Services Command and Staff College, UK.

Joyce P. Kaufman is Professor of Political Science and Director, Center for Engagement with Communities, Whittier College.

"These analytically sophisticated case studies demonstrate how various national leaders go about the process of determining the current national security priorities, how best to meet or manage challenges arising from those priorities, and the evolving challenges in national security in the coming decades. A valuable and useful work for academic libraries with significant holdings in national security . . . Recommended."

—J. A. Rhodes, CHOICE

"The editors and authors provide a valuable, timely, comparative overview of national security strategies. In addition to insights into contemporary debates, this book provides a useful framework for analyzing future policy challenges."

—Jay M. Parker, Professor and Chair, International Security Studies Department, College of International Security Affairs, National Defense University

"All countries stress the importance of ensuring national security. The means used to achieve it vary considerably, however. as countries balance domestic priorities with external threats. The cases examined in this important volume abundantly illustrate this fact. The work's conclusions offer important insights for practitioners as well as academics."

—Franklin C. Miller, Principal, The Scowcroft Group, and former senior Defense and White House official

"The political economy of national security in the twenty-first century presents a challenging blend of complexity, urgency and austerity. With thirteen case studies and a wealth of critical and constructive analysis, Providing for National Security is essential reading for students, scholars, policy-makers and all who seek to address that challenge."

—Paul Cornish, Professor of Strategic Studies, University of Exeter, UK