Index of Authors, Editors, and Translators

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           Police and the Liberal State
van Alphen, Ernst [Editor], The Rhetoric of Sincerity
van Andel, Tjeerd H. [Author], Beyond the Acropolis: A Rural Greek Past
Van Den Abbeele, Georges [Editor], Enthusiasm: The Kantian Critique of History
van Dijck, Jose [Author], Mediated Memories in the Digital Age
van Oort, Richard [Author], Shakespeare's Mad Men: A Crisis of Authority
Van Slyke, Lyman P. [Author], The China White Paper
           Writing Mexican History
Varela, Francisco J. [Author], Ethical Know-How: Action, Wisdom, and Cognition
Vattimo, Gianni [Author], Religion
           Nietzsche: An Introduction
Végső, Roland [Translated by], Georges Bataille: Phenomenology and Phantasmatology
Veltfort, Anna [Author], Goodbye, My Havana
Venkatesh, Sudhir Alladi [Editor], Youth, Globalization, and the Law
Vieweg, Klaus [Author], Hegel: The Philosopher of Freedom
Vilaça, Aparecida [Author], Paletó and Me
Vismann, Cornelia [Author], Files: Law and Media Technology
Vogel, Ezra F. [Editor], China at War: Regions of China, 1937-45
Vogl, Joseph [Author], The Specter of Capital
Vucinich, Alexander [Author], Science in Russian Culture, 1861-1917
           Einstein and Soviet Ideology
Vucinich, Wayne S. [Editor], The Peasant in Nineteenth-Century Russia