Index of Authors, Editors, and Translators

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Rabinowitz, Dan [Author], The Power of Deserts
Radin, Margaret Jane [Editor], Securing Privacy in the Internet Age
Ramaswamy, Venkat [Author], The Co-Creation Paradigm
Ramirez-Christensen, Esperanza [Author], Heart's Flower: The Life and Poetry of Shinkei
Rampell, Palmer [Author], Genres of Privacy in Postwar America
Rand, Richard [Editor], Futures: Of Jacques Derrida
           Building Family Business Champions
Rao, Vijayendra [Editor], Culture and Public Action
Ratmoko, David [Translated by], Occidental Eschatology
Reesman, Jeanne Campbell [Editor], Rereading Jack London
Reizbaum, Marilyn [Author], James Joyce’s Judaic Other
Rendall, Steven [Translated by], The Ambivalences of Medieval Religious Drama
Rensch, Ethel Grace [Author], Historic Spots in California: Fifth Edition
Rensch, Hero Eugene [Author], Historic Spots in California: Fifth Edition
           Academic Outsider
Rhodes, Richard [Author], The Ungodly
Richardson, Robert [Translated by], Being Singular Plural
Richter, Gerhard [Introduction by], Copy, Archive, Signature: A Conversation on Photography
Ricketts, Edward F. [Author], Between Pacific Tides: Fifth Edition
Riegel, Jeffrey [Translated by], The Annals of Lü Buwei
Rincones-Gómez, Rigoberto [Author], Collaborative Evaluations: Step-by-Step, Second Edition
Ristaino, Marcia Reynders [Author], Port of Last Resort: The Diaspora Communities of Shanghai
Riva, Massimo [Author], Shadow Plays
Rivard, Courtney [Author], Layered Lives
Robben, Antonius C.G.M. [Author], Perpetrators: Encountering Humanity's Dark Side
Roberts, F. David [Author], The Social Conscience of the Early Victorians
Robertson, Stephen [Author], Harlem in Disorder
Robinet, Isabelle [Author], Taoism: Growth of a Religion
Robinson, Glenn E. [Author], Global Jihad: A Brief History
Robinson, John A. T. [Author], Exploration into God
Rodríguez-Campos, Liliana [Author], Collaborative Evaluations: Step-by-Step, Second Edition
Rokem, Freddie [Introduction by], The Labor of Life: Selected Plays
Rolland, Jacques [Foreword by], God, Death, and Time
Rolland, Jacques [Introduction by], On Escape: De l’évasion
Root, H. E. [Editor], The Natural History of Religion
Rosaldo, Michelle Zimbalist [Editor], Woman, Culture, and Society
Rosenberg, Nathan [Author], Technology and the Wealth of Nations
Rosenbluth, Frances McCall [Editor], The Political Economy of Japan's Low Fertility
Rosman, Moshe [Editor], The Jews of Pinsk, 1506 to 1880
           The Jews of Pinsk, 1881 to 1941
Rössler, Beate [Editor], Privacies: Philosophical Evaluations
Rottenberg, Elizabeth G. [Editor], Psyche: Inventions of the Other, Volume I
Rottenberg, Elizabeth [Translated by], Lessons on the Analytic of the Sublime
Rottenberg, Elizabeth G. [With], Selected Writings
Roudinesco, Elisabeth [Author], For What Tomorrow . . .: A Dialogue
Rouse, Howard [Translated by], Reflections of Equality
Rowen, Henry [Editor], Prospects for Peace in South Asia
Rowen, Henry S. [Editor], Making IT: The Rise of Asia in High Tech
Ruggiero, Kristin Hoffman [Author], And Here the World Ends: The Life of an Argentine Village
Rumpza, Stephanie [Translated by], Revelation Comes from Elsewhere
Runnels, Curtis N. [Author], Beyond the Acropolis: A Rural Greek Past
Russ, Daniela [Editor], Energy's History: Toward a Global Canon
Russell, James A. [Editor], Military Adaptation in Afghanistan