Cover of The Technologized Investor by Ashby H.B. Monk and Dane Rook
The Technologized Investor
Innovation through Reorientation
Ashby H.B. Monk and Dane Rook


April 2020
224 pages.
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Cloth ISBN: 9781503608696



Institutional investors underpin our capitalist world, and could play a major role in resolving some of the greatest challenges to society – such as battling climate change, addressing a ballooning wealth gap, revitalizing critical infrastructure, caring for aging populations, and providing stable funding for the sciences and arts. Advanced technology can help institutional investors deliver the funds needed to tackle these grave challenges. This book is a practical guide on how institutional investors can gain deep innovation capabilities by reorienting their strategies and organizations around advanced technology. It dissects why technology has historically failed institutional investors, and the realistic changes that they can make to unlock technological superpowers. It's a unique reference manual for practitioners on how to reboot their organizations for long-term performance, and is grounded in the actual experiences of institutional investors from around the globe. The book walks the reader through many detailed frameworks for analyzing how well new technologies fit with their organization's goals and resources, as well as how to make the organization itself more robust to technological change. It also paints a vision for the durable empowerment of institutional investors in achieving their long-term objectives.

About the authors

Ashby Monk is Executive Director and Research Director of the Global Projects Center at Stanford University.

Dane Rook is Research Engineer at Stanford University.