Cover of Strategy as Leadership by Roberto S. Vassolo and Natalia Weisz
Strategy as Leadership
Facing Adaptive Challenges in Organizations
Roberto S. Vassolo and Natalia Weisz


January 2022
208 pages.

Hardcover ISBN: 9781503629134



Strategy as Leadership is about making sense of predictable but drastic changes that can alter the relationship between businesses and their competition, posing substantial leadership challenges to senior management teams. Roberto S. Vassolo and Natalia Weisz provide a framework to address and respond to these critical changes by identifying them, describing the inner tensions these changes generate, and providing guidance for their successful navigation. This outside-in approach specifies the salient leadership challenges that executives will face while mobilizing their organizations to respond effectively to competitive and environmental change.

This book claims that strategy is leadership as, in this framework, these environmental changes demand shifts in strategic priorities that result in a consistent pattern of resistance. If we know that changes are occurring in the competitive environment, we can soon identify who will be most resistant to the shift in priorities necessary to address the new situation. This book is for senior management teams to enable their organizations' capabilities to adapt and address environmental changes successfully.

About the authors

Roberto S. Vassolo is is a Full Professor in Strategic Management at IAE Business School (Argentina) - Universidad Austral, and is a visiting professor at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, School of Engineering and Systems.

Natalia Weisz is a Full Professor in Organizational Behaviour and Leadership at IAE Business School (Argentina) - Universidad Austral.