The Möbius Strip
A Spatial History of Colonial Society in Guerrero, Mexico
Jonathan D. Amith


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The Mbius Strip

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1.      Introduction

Part 1. Terrain and Territoriality: The Natural and Social Context of Land and Property

2.      The Lay of the Land

3.      The Law of the Land: Crown Policy and Iberian Custom in the Colonization of New Spain

Part 2. Eppur si muove: The Dynamics of Economic Transformation in Rural Central Guerrero

4.      Land Acquisition during the Early Colonial Period

5.      Hacienda Formation and Market Structure: Landholding in North- and South-Central Guerrero

6.      Place Making and Place Breaking: Migration and the Development Cycle of Community

7.      The Politics of Economy and Space: Interjurisdictional Migration into the Iguala Valley

8.      Spaces of Capital and Commerce: Rural Society and the Interregional Economy of Central Guerrero

9.      The Transformation of Rural Society: Commercial Capital and the Monopolization of Resources

Part 3. Absolute Property and Spatial Politics: Struggles for Control over Grain in the Late Colonial Period

10.  The Political and Moral Economy of Subsistence: State Control of Grain Markets

11.  Seeds of Discord and Discontent: Grain, Regionalism, and Emerging Class Conflict

12.  Conclusion


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