The Bigness Complex
Industry, Labor, and Government in the American Economy, Second Edition
Walter Adams and James W. Brock


Table of Contents for The Bigness Complex

Table of Contents for The Bigness Complex


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    Part I. The Problem of Power

  1. Power and Public Policy
  2. Economists and Power
  3. Part II. The Apologetics of Power

  4. Operating Efficiency
  5. Innovation Efficiency
  6. Social Efficiency
  7. Part III. The Political Economy of Power: A Historical Perspective

  8. The Revolution of 1776: American Government
  9. The Revolution of 1776: British Economic Policy
  10. Part IV. Competition and the Control of Power

  11. The Role of Antitrust
  12. Cartels
  13. Monopoly
  14. The Merger Problem
  15. Horizontal Mergers and Joint Ventures
  16. Vertical Mergers
  17. Conglomerate Mergers
  18. The Limitations of Antitrust
  19. Part V. Government Intervention and Private Power

  20. The Regulation of Power
  21. Airlines: Regulation and Deregulation
  22. The Limits of Deregulation
  23. The Protection of Power
  24. The Bailout of Power
  25. Part VI. The Coalescence of Power

  26. The Labor-Industrial Complex
  27. The "Sports-Industrial" Complex
  28. Part VII. Public Policy Alternatives

  29. The Neo-Darwinist Vision
  30. The Neoliberal Vision
  31. A Public Philosophy