Kinship, Contract, Community, and State
Anthropological Perspectives on China
Myron L. Cohen


Table of Contents for Knowledge and Money

Table of Contents for

Kinship, Contract, Community, and State


SECTION I: Late Imperial china and Its Legacies

1.       Introduction to Arthur H. Smith's Village Life in China

2.       Being Chinese: The Peripheralization of Traditional Identity

3.       Cultural and Political Inventions in Modern China: The Case of the Chinese "Peasant"

SECTION II: The Family

4.       North China Rural Families: Changes During the Communist Era

SECTION III: Lineage Studies

5.       Lineage Development and the Family in China

6.       Lineage Organization in North China

7.       Lineage Organization in East China

SECTION IV: Historical Anthropology: The Minong Community During Qing

8.       Commodity Creation in Late Imperial China

9.       Writs of Passage in Late Imperial China: Contracts and the Documentation of Practical Understandings in Minong, Taiwan



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