The Cultural Lives of Capital Punishment
Comparative Perspectives
Edited by Austin Sarat and Christian Boulanger


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Table of Contents for

The Cultural Lives of Capital Punishment


1. Putting Culture into the Picture: Toward a Comparative Analysis of State Killings, by Christian Boulanger and Austin Sarat

Part I: Civilization and Punishment: Self and Other in Europe and the Americas

2. Nineteenth-Century Executions as Performances of Law, Death, and Civilization, by Jürgen Martschukat

3. Seed of Abolition: Experience and Culture in the Desire to End Capital Punishment in Mexico, 1841-1857, by Patrick Timmons

4. The Cultural Lives of Capital Punishment in the United States, by Judith Randle

5. European Identity and the Mission Against the Death Penalty in the United States, by Evi Girling

6. Crime and Punishment/Self versus Other: The Cultural Life of Capital Punishment in European and American Film, by Louise Tyler

7. Capital Punishment in Poland: An Aspect of the "Cultural Life" of Death Penalty Discourse, by Agata Fijalkowski

Part II: State Killing and State Violence in Central and South Asia and the Middle East

8. Capital Punishment in Kyrgyzstan: Between the Past, "Other" State Killings and Social Demands, by Botagoz Kassymbekova

9. Death and theNation: State Killing in India, by Julia Eckert

10. Imagining the Death Penalty in Israel: Punishment, Violence, Vengeance, and Revenge, by Shai J. Lavi

11. The Palestinian Culture of Death: Shariah and Siyasah—Justice, Political Power, and Capital Punishment in the Palestinian National Authority, by Judith Mendelsohn Rood

Part III: Paternal States, "Asian Values," and Visions of Social Order: Capital Punishment in East and Southeast Asia

12. The Death Penalty in Japan: Secrecy, Silence, and Salience, by David T. Johnson

13. What Is Wrong with Capital Punishment? Official and Unofficial Attitudes Toward Capital Punishment in Modern and Contemporary China, by Virgil K.Y. Ho

14. Capital Punishment and the Culture of Developmentalism in Singapore, by Alfred Oehlers and Nicole Tarulevicz

15. Ending State Killing in South Korea: Challenging the Asian Capital Punishment Status Quo, by Sangmin Bae