Cover of Transformation Through Global Value Chains by Behnam N. Tabrizi and Mitchell M. Tseng
Transformation Through Global Value Chains
Taking Advantage of Business Synergies in the United States and China
Behnam N. Tabrizi and Mitchell M. Tseng


360 pages.

Hardcover ISBN: 9780804754828


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China is inevitably becoming a giant in the world economy. All international companies in the United States have a presence in China, and many international Chinese companies have a presence in the United States. These companies face complex challenges in their global value chain: strategy, sales and marketing, supply chain management, information technology, and production. This book examines case studies from companies who have successfully navigated this new market environment. The book starts with strategy as a fundamental stage in the value chain. It then proceeds to explore globalization of sales and marketing, logistics and supply chain challenges of supporting global operations, necessary changes to the IT system capabilities as firms begin to address new markets, and finally, efficient and competitive production processes. The book will be valuable to managers who are looking for tools that have been used successfully by industry leaders, as well as to instructors who would like to use real-world practice to educate future managers and decision makers.

About the authors

Behnam Tabrizi is Consulting Professor in the Department of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University. His article in Administrative Science Quarterly, co-authored with Kathy Eisenhardt, won the 2001 Award for Scholarly Contribution for a paper that had the greatest influence on subsequent theory and research in the field of management. He has also published articles in Harvard Business Review. As a frequent traveler to China in recent years, Tabrizi has worked with more than 300 CEOs of the largest private and public Chinese companies on their corporate transformation. He has been featured in China Daily and on BBC and C-SPAN.

Mitchell M. Tseng is Professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), and Director of the Advanced Manufacturing Institute. He coedited (with Frank T. Piller) The Customer Centric Enterprise: Advances in Mass Customization and Personalization (2003). Tseng has held senior management positions at Xerox and Digital Equipment Corporation and faculty positions at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

"The synergies of conducting business between the worlds largest economy (U.S.) and the worlds largest trader (China) are well articulated through detailed examples in this book. Our company, while growing 100% a year during the past 5 years, has greatly benefitted from the recommendations of this book."

—Liam Casey, Founder and CEO of PCH China Solutions

“Well developed methodology on strategy and execution, rich insights from real world examples of U.S. China value chain—this book is a must-read.” —Zhou Jin, Senior Vice President, Huawei

“Complex global challenges require world-class, practical and creative solutions—which is what this book is all about.” —J. P. Finnell, General Manager, Mobility Professional Services, Nokia