Cover of From Inside Brazil by Vinod Thomas
From Inside Brazil
Development in a Land of Contrasts
Vinod Thomas


176 pages.
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Hardcover ISBN: 9780804755320
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Brazil faces important issues as to whether and how socio-economic and political reforms will be pursued with urgency and persistence. This book presents a strong agenda and action plan to achieve for Brazil both economic growth and improved welfare for its citizens. The book begins by examining the existing welfare system, including the differences between that of people in rural areas and those in cities. It goes on to examine issues related to productivity, looking at whether investments in physical, natural, and human capital affect performance; to sustainability of the country's growth and development; to its use and conservation of natural resources; and to the structure and effectiveness of its institutions. Finally, it compares and contrasts the priorities of these agendas, coming up with both quantitative and qualitative targets that can guide those setting down Brazilian policy.

About the author

Vinod Thomas is Country Director of the World Bank Office, Brasilia in the Latin America and Caribbean Region. He is the author of numerous articles and several books including The Quality of Growth (2000).

"[This] book offers a terrific review of a long list of issues confronting Brazil with some background information and data. It would make a handy reference tool for readers looking for a quick summary review of Brazilian political economy from a clearly insightful and knowledgeable writer. Alternatively, it might also be a helpful text for an undergraduate class on Brazil."

—Peter Kingstore, Luso-Brazilian Review