Cover of Introductory Econometrics by Jeffrey S. Zax
Introductory Econometrics
Intuition, Proof, and Practice
Jeffrey S. Zax


672 pages.

Hardcover ISBN: 9780804772624
Ebook ISBN: 9780804777209

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Introductory Econometrics: Intuition, Proof, and Practice attempts to distill econometrics into a form that preserves its essence, but that is acceptable—and even appealing—to the student's intellectual palate. This book insists on rigor when it is essential, but it emphasizes intuition and seizes upon entertainment wherever possible.

Introductory Econometrics is motivated by three beliefs. First, students are, perhaps despite themselves, interested in questions that only econometrics can answer. Second, through these answers, they can come to understand, appreciate, and even enjoy the enterprise of econometrics. Third, this text, which presents select innovations in presentation and practice, can provoke readers' interest and encourage the responsible and insightful application of econometric techniques.

In particular, author Jeffrey S. Zax gives readers many opportunities to practice proofs—which are challenging, but which he has found to improve student comprehension. Learning from proofs gives readers an organic understanding of the message behind the numbers, a message that will benefit them as they come across statistics in their daily lives.

An ideal core text for foundational econometrics courses, this book is appropriate for any student with a solid understanding of basic algebra—and a willingness to use that tool to investigate complicated issues.

About the author

Jeffrey Zax is Professor of Economics at the University of Colorado at Boulder. His research interests include labor economics, public economics, and urban economics. Zax regularly teaches the Econometrics course. He was twice awarded the Stanford Calderwood Teaching Excellence Award.