Cover of Emma Goldman: A Documentary History of the American Years, Volume 3 by Candace Falk, Editor. Barry Pateman, Associate Editor
Emma Goldman: A Documentary History of the American Years, Volume 3
Light and Shadows, 1910–1916
Candace Falk, Editor. Barry Pateman, Associate Editor


880 pages.

Hardcover ISBN: 9780804778541


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Emma Goldman could not have known that the years from 1910 to 1916 would be her most prolific, perhaps the most celebrated period in her entire life, both then and now. Reveling in love and in anarchy, cushioned by a time of comparative tolerance for challenging ideas and interest in the new, Goldman blossomed as a political theorist, author, orator, and internationalist. The circles of her influence rippled away from the predominantly immigrant radical culture of New York City's Lower East Side and moved into a broader milieu of bohemians and radical intellectuals. With a remarkable ability to articulate the wrongs of a country permeated by brutal labor violence and dire poverty—accentuated by unprecedented wealth—Goldman sought to incite the public either to take action or to empathize with those who did.

This volume's primary sources include a remarkable selection of letters, newspaper reportage, government surveillance documents, essays and speeches, photographs, and lecture bills, all paired with detailed scholarly annotation. In addition, the volume is prefaced by a narrative and analytical essay by Candace Falk.

About the authors

Candace Falk is the founding editor and director of the Emma Goldman Papers project. She is the author of Love, Anarchy, and Emma Goldman (1984), named New York Times Notable Biography of the Year, and is also a John Simon Guggenheim Fellow. Barry Pateman is the associate editor of the Emma Goldman Papers, curator of the Kate Sharpley Library, and editor of Chomsky on Anarchism (2005).

"Candace Falk's project . . . is a major contribution to the history of anarchism and its place in the broader left . . . The introductions, notes, and directories are encyclopedic. Candace Falk's tireless and meticulous work as Goldman's biographer and archivist are evident on every page."

—Rebecca Hill, Against the Current

"A work of scholarship and a labor of love . . . The care taken in the introduction is repeated throughout."

—E. Broidy, CHOICE

"These documents speak to important questions of our own times. The American reading public can be grateful to Falk and her collaborators."

—Nancy Marie Robertson, Documentary Editing