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Track Two Diplomacy in Theory and Practice
Peter Jones


256 pages.
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Track Two diplomacy consists of informal dialogues among actors such as academics, religious leaders, retired senior officials, and NGO officials that can bring new ideas and new relationships to the official process of diplomacy.

Sadly, those involved in official diplomacy often have little understanding of and appreciation for the complex and nuanced role that Track Two can play, or for its limitations. And many Track Two practitioners are often unaware of the realities and pressures of the policy and diplomatic worlds, and not particularly adept at framing their efforts to make them accessible to hard-pressed officials. At the same time, those interested in the academic study of Track Two sometimes fail to understand the realities faced by either set of practitioners.

A need therefore exists for a work to bridge the divides between these constituencies and between the different types of Track Two practice—and this book crosses disciplines and traditions in order to do just that. It explores the various dimensions and guises of Track Two, the theory and practice of how they work, and how both practitioners and academics could more profitably assess Track Two. Overall, it provides a comprehensive picture of the range of activities pursued under this title, to provoke new thinking about how these activities relate to each other, to official diplomacy, and to academe.

About the author

Peter Jones is Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa, and an Annenberg Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institution.

"This valuable work presents a unique and contemporary treatment of Track Two Diplomacy that will serve the important function of increasing understanding about this essential method of interactive conflict resolution. Written in an accessible and honest style, the book will appeal to scholars, professionals and students as an introductory and yet comprehensive overview."

—Ronald J. Fisher, Professor of International Peace and Conflict Resolution, School of International Service, American University

"Although impervious to standard metrics of program evaluation, Track II Diplomacy remains an important, if poorly understood, complement to official governmental negotiations. From the perspective of an experienced Track II practitioner, Peter Jones provides a nuanced perspective on both the promise and limits of this unheralded form of unofficial diplomacy."

—Stephen J. Del Rosso, Director, International Peace and Security, Carnegie Corporation of New York

"This book will be a classic that defines the field of Track Two diplomacy. It successfully bridges several different worlds: the experience of a Track Two practitioner and fine academic scholarship; the worlds of interactive conflict resolution and regional security oriented Track Two; and the worlds of security studies and peace studies. It is an exemplary work."

—Esra Cuhadar, Bilkent University

"In short, Track Two Diplomacy is a highly accessible book, full of insights, and useful for academics, practitioners and officials alike. The book is one of its kind in its ability to bridge disciplinary barriers and differing views about the utility of political theory, and its willingness to challenge conventional methods of social science research."

—Happymon Jacob, St. Anthony's International Review