Cover of Transmedia Stories by Patrick Jagoda with Ireashia Bennett and Ashlyn Sparrow
Transmedia Stories
Patrick Jagoda with Ireashia Bennett and Ashlyn Sparrow



ISBN: 9781503634701

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Transmedia Stories is an experiment in multimedia publication and collaboration that explores storytelling-based research methods. With the growth of digital media, narrative is now conveyed through a range of new and ephemeral formats. Beyond entertainment and artistic innovation, networked and digital media have also influenced ways that storytelling can be used to conduct research in fields such as public health and medicine.

This project explores methods that include story circles, digital storytelling, transmedia collage, speculative design, narrative video games, and mixed reality and alternate reality games. Each chapter introduces a key digital media form that can be used for social interventions and supplements it with images, audio files, videos, and curricular materials that make up such interventions. The publication is a highly collaborative venture that presents these methods with the help of case studies drawn from an assemblage of workshops focused on, mostly, minority youth in Chicago that were held between 2012 and 2019 by two interdisciplinary labs at the University of Chicago: Transmedia Story Lab and Game Changer Chicago Design Lab.

About the author

Patrick Jagoda is Professor of Cinema & Media Studies, English, and Obstetrics & Gynecology at University of Chicago.

Ireashia Bennett is a multidisciplinary storyteller whose work takes the form of new media and multimedia essays. They are currently pursuing an MFA in Film and Media Arts at Temple University.

Ashlyn Sparrow is a game designer who currently serves as Assistant Director of the Weston Game Lab, which is located in the Media Arts, Data, and Design Center at University of Chicago.

"Putting storytelling, public health, and collaborative research into conversation, this project offers practical applications of the most future-thinking and equity-minded media theory available to us."

—Lauren S. Berliner University of Washington, Bothell

"Demonstrating with aplomb what scholarship can do across sensory modalities, Transmedia Stories shows us why design matters for questions of justice. This is a must-read for media studies."

—Jentery Sayers, University of Victoria